Fly Screen and Insect Shutters

Our Range of Fly Screens and Insect Shutters

UK Roller Shutters are able to offer a full range of fly screens and insect roller shutters designed to keep flies, mosquitos and other flying insects out.

Our high quality Expel retro fitting fly screen, with its very small roll, is ideally suited to being internally retro-fitted. Its installed in the small space above windows and patio doors on residential properties and homes. They can also be fitted as an insect screen over larger openings in restaurants or food preparation areas, this can help meet food safety regulations. The curtain is made from glass-fibre and PVC. This ensures that flying insects are kept out with the insect mesh, whilst fresh air and visibility is at a maximum.

The high quality Expel ULTRA 41mm™ and Expel ULTRA 55mm models combine the fly screen with an insulated roller shutter in the same housing. Whilst being in the same housing these still work independently of one another as the ultimate screens for windows and doors. This allows you to add security to your premises. It also allows you to better control the environment in your property; keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These models have been designed so that they can be installed inside or outside depending on which way your window opens, helping to prevent flying insects entering through windows and doors.

You can find more information on these fly and insect screens for windows here.

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A fly screen is essentially a door or window covering made of wire mesh to allow the free flow of air and vision while at the same time blocking out buds and insects. It gives you the feel of having a window or door opened but also protects you from the unpleasant experience of having flies and other flying insects around the house.

Fly screens for doors are also available as well as fly screens for windows. The innovative wire mesh can be used to make fly screens for patio doors, for French doors, for bifold doors and also for kitchen doors. Fly screens for kitchen doors and windows are especially helpful because that is where the food is and that is what flies are attracted to the most. Fly screens for commercial kitchens also have become a necessity in order to keep the food hygienic and germ free.