Vertical & Horizontal Fire Rated Roller Shutters & Flame Curtains

Improve your overall fire strategy with specialist Fire Shutters and Fire Curtains, designed to reduce the spread of smoke and flames throughout a building.

We offer a Single Skin and Twin Skin Insulated Fire Shutters, depending on your needs and budget, as well as a fire curtain option for increased aesthetics and better protection against smoke. We can produce these according to your particular size requirements. Both the shutters and the curtains can be supplied with either a 1, 2, or 4-hour fire rating, depending on your needs, and are tested to legal fire safety standards (BS476 part 22: 1977). Your insurance company will be impressed at your choice of roller door, and its compliance with the Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations.

Suitable for: We have supplied these doors to a diverse range of customers including shopping centres, hospitals, school canteens, restaurants – as well as numerous clients in the industrial sector.

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With advancements in technology and the need for buildings to have appropriate safety measures in place, fire curtains & fire barriers are can be seen in modern day residencies, offices and buildings. Primarily, fire curtains and shutter fire curtains have been used industrially, but have gradually made their way into other sectors as well.

Smoke and fire curtains are a rather new development in the fire resistance sector, but have gained popularity quickly. What smoke & fire curtains do is that they combine fire resistance with smoke absorption. These special curtains absorb smoke and prevent it from traveling to other areas, which makes excavation easier.

Industrial fire curtains and shutter fire curtains are usually heavy but top manufacturers and retailers solve this problem by installing these for buyers, usually at a very small fee. To contain a blazing fire during a fire emergency, having fire curtains and shutter fire curtains in place is the best possible option.