Curved Shutters

Our curved shutters offer flexible security to locations with limited headroom.

Perfect for a range of applications, our curved roller shutters are made to measure and are perfect for shop fronts and shopping centres. Maintaining security protection alongside aesthetic needs.

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There are many doors and windows in our homes and workplaces that are curved from the bottom or the sides. Finding a shutter to protect these curved opening can be a challenging task but anymore! For your convenience, there are curved roller shutters available in the market that are custom made to fit right in with every size of curves.

Curved roller shutters are also light in weight which makes them convenient to move around. Additionally, for maximum security, curved shutter doors are also available. For warehouse and homes that require retention of heat in the building, there are insulated curved roller shutter and shutter doors that perform the task of retaining heat while also sound proofing the building in order to reduce noise pollution and lower the risk of any neighbours complaining. Curved roller shutters are extremely adjustable which means they can be spread to fully fit in your respective space however you like it.