Aluminium Roller Shutters

Secure your home or business in style with aesthetically pleasing Aluminium Roller Shutters, highly customisable to suit the specific needs and requirements of your premises.

Every shutter is built to your required sizes and dimensions. Shutters are powder-coated in brown or white as standard, but can be upgraded in a variety of colours for a surcharge. We can deliver higher security or insulated models as necessary to suit your particular needs. Some models can also be perforated or punched, giving you maximum control over the design, specifications, and performance of your new shutters.

Suitable for: Insulated models can he used to make homes warmer and reduce energy costs. Their potential for customisation means they can easily be made to provide a discreet finish for homes and garages. High-security perforated or punched models are popular for retail units, where they offer enhanced security without detracting from the look of the shop front.

Aluminium roller shutters are perfect for domestic & commercial applications, they can come in a range of colours and are lightweight so they’re very fuel efficient whilst keeping your assets safe & protected from theft. These are perfect for garage doors or as security & insulation on windows or patio doors.

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Out of the wide range of materials used to make roller shutters, aluminium roller shutters are a popular option for many people out there. You can choose between traditional aluminium roller shutters and aluminium roller shutter doors to cover doors, windows and even any exit or entry point with aluminium made to measure shutters.

Both aluminium high quality roller shutters as well as aluminium high security roller shutters are ideal for industrial, commercial and residential use. Their lightweight and aesthetic design makes them a preferred choice among users that wish to add a contemporary touch to their roller shutters.

When purchasing UK aluminium roller shutters, cost will be a major factor that will most likely impact a buying decision. Although, aluminium secure roller shutters come with many benefits, such as robust security as well as light blockage and noise reduction to a great extent, they may not fall into everyone’s budget.