Acoustic Roller Shutters

Our acoustic shutter roller doors have been developed for use in sound sensitive environments – where the objective is either to keep sound in or keep it out. The sound restrictive lath also has a secondary benefit, offering great thermal insulation. These doors are designed for use in a multitude of environments with a wide range of domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

Our shutters have been tested by acoustic departments, and the results confirm that we offer some of the most effective sound proof shutters in the industry. These shutters offer sound restriction of up to 50 decibels. In addition to their superb acoustic qualities, these doors offer the benefits of security and protection from the elements. Our acoustic roller shutters are often used to create an effective sound break between two areas; they are ideal for venues such as art galleries and libraries, and can also be used to mute openings in noisy workshops.

These versatile acoustic shutters are available to operate electrically or manually, and can be tailored to meet your size requirements. We can also offer doors in a full range of finishes and colours.

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