UK Roller Shutters now offers Electric Fly Screen Roller Shutters

by | Apr 3, 2017

UK Roller Shutters Ltd are pleased to offer our new electric fly screens. These can come as a single component (Expel model) or dual purpose incorporating a shutter with a fly screen giving two in one protection (Expel Ultra model). See below for a list of why you should consider purchasing from our Expel range of fly screens.

  • UK fly screens can be operated by a switch, remote control or smartphone whilst sitting in your chair or desk.
  • Our single or dual shutters can be fitted internally or externally.
  • Our Expel and Expel Ultra fly insect screens help to protection against harmful mosquitoes, wasps, bees, flies, bugs etc. Safeguarding adults, children and pets.
  • UK insect screens allow the flow of fresh air into the room.
  • Our insect are perfect for washrooms, laundry, toilets, bathrooms, preventing mildew and mould and help to elevate odours.
  • Fly screens allow light in to the room with protection against harmful UV rays protecting fabrics and furnishings.
  • Our fly screens are scratch resistant discouraging pets from venturing out and stopping other pets and wild animals venturing into your property
  • In warm months fly screens give a natural flow of air at night without the worry of bites and stings.

Enquiry today for our Expel range of fly screen or dual fly screen and security shutters. See the product page here:

Dual fly screen and security shutter
Electric fly screen