High-performance roller shutters for banks

While bank security is increasingly associated with cyber fraud and other digital crimes, physical security remains an important consideration. Banks and other financial institutes must be able to safeguard vaults, financial records, cash holdings, and other valuable assets from burglary and robbery. We understand the importance of this. Failure to do so can have costly consequences for the branch’s continued business and reputation.

UK Roller Shutters serve some of the country’s best-known banks and other financial institutions with a range of high-security specialist shutters.


Banks require the highest level of protection in order to secure physical assets and customer confidence. As a customer-facing branch, it is also important that bank security doesn’t compromise the look and feel of the building.

Our selection of specialist shutter types helps contribute to the high level of security required of commercial banks, installed at your convenience by our dedicated team. Our specialist shutters for banks include the following models:

Specifically designed to meet the highest security standards

Every roller shutter can be custom-made to your precise measurements, enabling us to secure modern architecture and branches set in more traditional buildings. Every shutter is triple-certified to ISO, Secured by Design, and Safecontractor standards, and we offer comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance and repairs, so your shutters continue to meet the exacting standards required of high-street banks.

We work with bank managers and heads of bank security throughout the UK and internationally, helping them to secure their branches against unauthorised entry, criminal damage, and other risks.

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