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Expel™ retro fitting fly screen

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What are Fly Screens?

Fly screens are made from glass fibre and PVC to ensure insects are kept out whilst fresh airflow and visibility is at a maximum allowing you to live peacefully in your home, insect-free!

  • Protect against mosquitos, flies, wasps, spiders and other insects as well as leaves and debris
  • 66% visibility
  • Better than shutting the window as you still receive fresh airflow whilst repelling bugs
  • Extra security protection against both bugs and burglars

Here at UK Roller Shutters, we understand the need for Fly Screens and Insect Shutters to keep flies, mosquitos and other insects out.

Our range of fly screens and insect shutters are ideally suited to be internally fitted in the space above windows and patio doors on domestic properties. They also work very effectively over large openings and as fly nets for doors in restaurants and food preparation areas to help work towards your whole pest prevention strategy.

We also offer fly screens combined with insulated roller shutters that work independently to repel insects and flies as well as insulate, leaving you with a cool, insect free house or restaurant in the summer and a warm home free from bugs in the winter. These also have added security properties to ensure your home is kept safe from bugs and break-ins!

  • Made from glass fibre and PVC weaved to allow visibility and airflow whilst keeping bugs out
  • Fresh air flow alongside protection from mosquitos, flies, wasps and other insects.

Worldwide shipping available so anywhere you are, you can be protected

Protection from insects, flies & wasps

Great airflow

High visibility and maximum sunlight

Our Products & Models

Let UK Roller Shutters create a barrier between insects and your property with our range of fly screen and insect shutters.

We offer fly screens and insulated insect shutters that vary in price range, depending on your needs and budget. You can be sure that UK Roller Shutter’s fly screen and insect shutter range can keep those bugs away!

Perfect for properties situated in areas that are dense with flies in the summer due to nearby lakes, ponds, rivers and other countryside areas.




  • Product Description
  • Ideal Uses
  • Technical Specifications
Our electrically operated Expel retro fitting fly screen, with its very small roll, is ideally suited to being internally retro-fitted in the small space above windows and patio doors on domestic properties, or over larger openings in restaurants or food preparation areas.
The curtain is made from glassfibre and PVC to ensure that insects are kept out whilst airflow and visibility is at a maximum.
For options that incorporate a shutter into this design, please see our Expel Ultra 41mm and Expel Ultra 55mm.


  • Allows high visibility
  • Allows a high level of airflow
  • Small shutter housing means this can easily be retro-fitted in existing apertures
  • Electrically operated


  • Over windows and patio doors in domestic houses
  • Food preparation areas/restaurants
  • Areas where there are lots of flies, mosquitos or other insects


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effective insect protection with high visibility and great airflow

Fly Screens and Insect Shutters Questions and Answers

Here are a few common questions that we’ve come across in the years of work we’ve done fitting fly screens and insect shutters, however if you have any that are not on this page – feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

What are fly screens?

Fly screens are screens that can be fitted over windows and as fly nets for doors to block out any annoying insects, mosquitos, flies and other small pests as well as debris and leaves. So your property can be insect-free and you won’t have to worry about preparing food with possibilities of disease, germs and other nasty things getting into your food! You can also sleep well at night knowing you won’t be eaten alive by mosquitos, so wake up feeling fresh!

How do fly screens work?

Fly screens work to block out flies and other pests due to the material they’re made out of. The glass fibre and PVC material is weaved to allow 66% visibility, sunlight kept to a maximum and fresh airflow maintained – whilst ensuring insects are kept out.

Why not just shut the doors & windows?

By shutting the windows, airflow is restricted leading to rooms becoming hot and humid, Whilst this does keep insects out, it means that your property will become extremely overheated in the summer. With fly screens and insect shutters, windows and patio doors can be left open without worrying about insects entering, leading to continuous fresh air flow and a bug-free property.

Are your products compatible with most windows and doors?

Yes! Our fly screens and insect shutters can be fitted both internally in the small space above windows/doors and externally depending on the product and your needs. They can be fixed both to windows and as fly nets for patio doors alongside large areas in restaurants and kitchens or other food preparation areas.

Do you offer servicing & maintenance on your products?

Yes we offer a 12 month guarantee with our fly screens and all of our products. This is only valid if the fault is mechanical. After the 12-month period, our servicing and maintenance program can be offered and this is quoted as the amount for us to send an engineer to site.

Those with a servicing and maintenance contract will have access to members discounts on any repairs undertaken as well as roller shutter servicing once a year to ensure your fly screens stay within Health and Safety legislation. During this servicing, we will test the equipment of the fly screen, change any batteries on the control panel and check the motor limits. Once this servicing is complete we’ll send through a service & maintenance certificate via email. Once the service has been carried out, the working units are guaranteed for 12 months thereafter. You can read more about our servicing and maintenance contracts here.


We have several resources available for architects including CAD drawings and detailed product information.



There are three main methods for fixing your shutter to the aperture. Use our measuring guide to obtain the most accurate quote.




We can be found on RIBA’s Product finder and NBS Plus making specifying the roller shutters on your project particularly easy.




There are three main methods for fixing your shutter to the aperture. Use our measuring guide to obtain the most accurate quote.



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