by | Feb 3, 2016 | Product Spotlights

There are numerous advantages to equipping your vans with roller shutters. The primary function of roller shutters is to improve security, but their applications run beyond this, meaning than anyone with a commercial dependence on vans or large good vehicles / heavy goods vehicles can benefit from shutter installation. If you own such a van or a vehicle, read on to find out how a roller shutter could benefit you.




Commercial vehicles need proper security in order to protect themselves against damage and theft. Depending on your line of work, the contents of your vehicle may range from the essential work tools to high value equipment and expensive cargo. If you maintain numerous vehicles, such as a fleet, this value increases.


Vehicles are structurally vulnerable. While buildings are protected by walls, gates, fences and other basic defences, vehicles lack these. As with any property or vehicle, the most vulnerable point is the access point. Thieves will take advantage of this structural weakness.


A van and vehicle shutter addresses this problem by enabling you to seal the contents of your vehicles behind aluminium. At UK Roller Shutters, our van and vehicle shutters are typically manufactured from 37mm double skinned extruded aluminum. By using this strong but lightweight material we can can improve the security of your vehicles without compromising on weight or function.




Commercial vehicles depend on large, accessible areas in order to allow access to workers and transportation of goods to and from the vehicle. A shutter on a vehicle will provide ease of access to the driver and those working from it. This results in a higher turnaround of the required duties and a smoother operation for your business.


Delivery drivers benefit from a shutter on the back or side to gain instant access to parcels or other items. They can also be used to create compartments to keep different cargo separate from each other. This means if you’ve got fragile items, they won’t roll around getting damaged but can sit in a dedicated space.


Lightweight and operated via rod crank/spring and lock operation, our roller shutters provide your vehicle with the ideal balance between security and function.




Visible contents are a criminal incentive. Thieves are more likely to commit a crime when they can be guaranteed of the payoff at the end. Roller shutters help deter crime by reducing this visibility. They also make your vehicle appear stronger and more difficult to break into, reducing the likelihood of opportunistic theft. By keeping the contents of your van concealed, you can reduce the risk of opportunistic theft.




At UK Roller Shutters your needs always come first. This is why we design and manufacture your van and vehicle shuttersto order, ensuring the precise specifications and fit you need for maximum security. The aluminium material is used for its lightweight properties, keeping your fuel costs down and your protection high. Extras include a punched or perforated lath design or upgrade to a powder-coated polyester in a variety of RAL colours.


It’s also possible to choose between various different finishing options, including an aluminium finish or plastisol. There’s a large choice of colours to match your branding and style, keeping your company vehicles consistent with the look and feel of your business.


Functionally, you can choose between a standard lift-by-hand method if you’re on a budget, or you can opt for electrically operated shutters. You’ll get wall-mounted buttons and key fobs, making the process of raising and lowering your shutters even easier for you and your employees.


Van shutters are diverse and can be specified according to your needs. In addition to companies with fleets of vehicles, they’re ideal for self-employed handymen, electricians, mobile mechanics, and food vans. There can be a lot to consider, but installing shutters on your company vehicles can improve the security, accessibility and day-to-day use of your vehicles.


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