Highly secure, highly attractive

Our transparent roller shutters combine safety with aesthetic appeal, giving security-conscious and image-conscious businesses the best of both worlds. Made from robust, horizontal polycarbonate links, the shutters offer maximum flexibility while being virtually impossible to break or crack. The fact that they’re built in brick formation adds to their strength.

If the area needing protection is relatively small we can provide shutters manufactured with mini-links are available. The shutters are also fire retardant, having been awarded Class A certification, and feature an anti-scratch, anti-graffiti coating.

As well as being highly secure the shutters offer crystal-clear visibility, as they provide 83% transparency and allow 92% of daylight to pass through. Moreover, they’re UV-stabilised, which means you can be confident that they won’t discolour over time. Your shutters will continue to highlight the presence of your premises for years to come.

Our transparent roller shutters can also be powder-coated in any RAL colour in order to match or complement the existing colours of your premises.

Protect your premises while promoting your products

Installing transparent roller shutters enables you to protect your property while also displaying your stock and advertising your products to potential customers who pass by outside normal working hours. If you illuminate your premises at night, as many companies do, the light will pass through the shutters, creating an attractive glow that draws people to your shop front. With clear shutters, you can promote your business after-hours, rather than blocking it from view.

Another advantage of transparent roller shutters is they give your premises an extra layer of protection against criminal damage such as graffiti, vandalism and broken panes of glass, as well as criminal activities such as burglaries. This makes shutters an excellent, cost-effective investment, especially when you consider the devastating impact that criminality can have on businesses and how expensive it can be to put things right after robberies and similar acts of vandalism.

Fitting our secure shutters to your shop front or other premises can be particularly beneficial if you have high-value products on display (for instance, designer handbags or antiques). For extra protection, the standard shutters can be upgraded so they’re classed as ram-raid resistant.

Peace of mind for business owners

Here in the UK where the climate can be unpredictable, it’s good to know that our transparent roller shutters will protect your premises against damage caused by rain, wind, frost, sleet, ice snow and hail.

With our shutters, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is highly secure and protected against common causes of damage, even at times of the day when you and your employees are unable to be on-site.

Ideal for retailers and related businesses

Ideal for use in commercial settings, transparent roller shutters are often used to protect high street shops, retail units in shopping centres, and newsagents. As they’re both secure and attractive, they’re an excellent choice for town centre conservation areas and upmarket shopping districts. Businesses including estate agents, lettings agents, cafes, restaurants, car showrooms, banks and building societies can also benefit from this kind of shutter, as can arts and culture organisations such as museums and galleries hosting exhibitions.

For all your roller shutter needs

At UK Roller Shutters, we specialise in supplying, installing and maintaining a wide range of roller shutters and related products for use in commercial, industrial, residential and very high security environments. We’re sure to have a roller shutter that’s perfect for your premises.

For details about how our roller shutters can enhance the security of your property, please call our expert team today on 01384 221743 or contact us online.