What is a rapid roller shutter?

Roller shutters are secure curtains than can be raised and lowered, mechanically or manually, in order to restrict access to a building. Their basic function is security, providing a physical barrier that both repels and deters criminal activity.

Our Rapid Roller Shutters can open and close extremely quickly, with a speed from as little as 1 second per 100mm. This makes them an ideal solution for factories, warehouses, loading bays and other buildings where efficiency and ease of access are imperative to daily operations.

In addition to increasing your building’s security, Rapid Roller Shutters have a number of other benefits, designed to improve the efficiency and working conditions of your premises.

Temperature control

A rapid closing roller shutter is an excellent way of controlling the temperature of your premises. Food processing plants depend on constant temperatures in order to legally store certain food groups. The Food Standards Agency explains the legislation surrounding correct food storage here.

Chemical installations and pharmaceutical industries also require clear temperature control in order to manufacture and store their products safely. In all these cases, the fast speed of our Rapid Roller Shutters helps with climate control by minimising energy lost to the outdoors, helping you to cut energy costs while maintaining your workyard’s climate.

Noise control

Another issue workyards struggle with is noise pollution. Large machinery, processing plants and manufacturing lines often produce anti-social levels of sound. Factories and other industrial units don’t have a set noise limit, but their sound emissions are regulated against existing background noise.

“The noise is measured with the annoying sound present. The measurement is repeated with the annoying sound switched off – this is called the background noise. These two noise levels are compared. If the noise level with the annoying sound present exceeds the background noise by 10 decibels (dBA) or more, this is usually considered to constitute a statutory nuisance.”

As a workyard owner or operation manager, you are most likely familiar with the need to properly sound-proof your premises, especially if it is in a built-up, urban, or densely-populated area. Made up from PVC, rolltex fabric curtain, and a standard finish (galvanised finish for steel or aluminium finish for aluminium), our Rapid Roller Shutters can significantly reduce your workyard’s noise pollution when lowered, for a quieter, more compliant industrial workplace.


Aesthetics can be a deciding factor when it comes to purchasing roller shutters. Often, business owners are concerned that roller shutters won’t fit in with the look and feel of the rest of their premises. You might be concerned that our roller shutters won’t fit the size of your opening, especially if you run a warehouse or manufacturing unit.

Despite these concerns, our Rapid Roller Shutters can be delivered and installed in almost any size and finish. We pride ourselves on being able to cater for most commercial and industrial premises, whatever their function. In addition to the standard finishes outlined above, we also offer a Plastisol finish, and all RAL powder coat options.

It should be noted that because of their nature, Rapid Roller Shutters are only available as an electric option. For full product specifications, including technical data, options/variations, and drive options, see our product page.

Whatever your business area, Rapid Roller Shutters can guarantee the security of your workyard. Our customer advisors will be happy to talk through your needs, whatever your circumstances. Protect expensive machinery and stock, regulate your workplace climate, and reduce noise pollution with UK Roller Shutters for a more efficient and secure workyard.

To find out how your workyard can benefit from our Rapid Roller Shutters, call us today on 01384 221743 or contact UK Roller Shutters here.