While summer brings plenty of heat, especially in factories, the winter months can make it challenging to stay warm and keep comfortable. During this time, it’s tempting to crank up the heat. Still, with a broader focus on businesses being energy efficient than ever before, this is not beneficial for the environment, nor your energy costs. There is already a plethora of advice available for being more energy efficient, but there are always solutions that a company can explore to become even more energy-efficient than it is already.

Often, it may not seem like a lot every month, but these reduced costs will add up across the year. From pipe insulation to switching off the lights when you don’t need them or installing industrial insulated roller shutter doors, here are the best ways for keeping your business energy efficient in the winter months.

Prevent Heat Escaping With Pipe Insulation

Heat escaping through your pipes is not something that everyone recognises, but this can have a dramatic effect on your business’ energy efficiency targets. You can prevent heat from escaping with pipe insulation, much like you can ease the loss of heat through an insulated roller shutter door.

Insulation will also protect the pipes from freezing and bursting, especially in cold weather. As water and other components are left stagnant, particularly over the weekend of the Christmas break, you risk drops in temperature damaging the pipes.

Turn Off the Lights When They Are Not Needed

Everyone can get into the bad habit of keeping the lights on even when they are not needed. Most believe that walking into any room for work or lunch requires you to switch the lights on. However, that is not always the case. In places with enough natural light, you can make do with this rather than flicking the lights on.

Likewise, you can further combat such wasted energy by investing in more energy-efficient light bulbs, so that for the times where keeping the lights on is necessary, you can do so with more energy-efficient bulbs. Just make sure you switch the lights off when you leave.

Adjust Your Thermostat Settings

Your thermostat settings may be cranked up to the highest temperatures to counteract the chill that permeates your office building throughout the winter. It could be that these settings are designated to run throughout the night, even when there is nobody there.

Adjusting your thermostat settings to only operate at specific times during the day, such as at the beginning of the day where it is, typically, the coldest and towards the end of the day when the sun sets can minimise the environmental impact and help your business become more energy efficient. In most offices, warehouses, and factories, the heat should insulate and keep the area warm for most of the day.

Invest in Insulated Roller Shutters

Industrial roller shutters are not just a convenient way to increase safety for your business after everyone has gone home for the evening. You can also ensure that your building offers excellent energy efficiency both throughout the night and during the day. Businesses can invest in and install industrial insulated roller shutter doors to keep the heat inside and prevent too much heat loss.

Insulated Roller Shutters will allow your business to retain more of the heat throughout the day. It will also ease the pressure of cold weather on machines, increasing their lifespan and reducing the chance of cold-weather damage. If you already have industrial roller shutter doors, you can think about upgrading them with insulation.

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Carry Out Regular Maintenance on Boilers, Electrical Systems and Machines

A lot of wasted energy comes from neglecting maintenance on your heating and electrical systems, as well as machines. If they are not regularly services, they may end up overworking, which will demand that they need more energy when operating.

You can also clean the vents to prevent a buildup of dust and similar debris which could cause blockages. By completing regular care and maintenance on your equipment and systems, you can check for errors and keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Generate Your Energy Using Renewable Resources

Another way to make your business more energy efficient during the winter months is to consider converting your current systems into those that use renewable resources. Options such as wind turbines or solar panels are useful for this, and you can reuse the energy converted by wind or solar power.

Converting to renewable energy resources will allow you a continuous stream of available energy, and any that isn’t used throughout the day is stored for the next time. Another benefit of using wind turbines or solar panels is that you are effectively off the grid, meaning you will not suffer from power cuts in the area should one occur in the middle of the workday

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Machinery Motors

If you have cleaned all of your systems, run tests, and done what you can to have them running at optimum performance but are still experiencing issues with maintaining an energy-efficient workplace, it may be worth upgrading your machinery motors to something more advanced.

These upgrades may cost a little more initially, but they will save money – and energy – in the long run. By adapting to the demands of modern industry by upgrading potentially ancient models or machines, you will prevent a more significant disaster later on.

Reduce the Pressure In Your Air Temperature

Using compressed air temperature for your mechanical components is another thing that will put them under less stress. The reduced pressure will ensure optimal working conditions and performance, and ensuring the pressure is at the correct level keeps operations efficient.

You can also use around 90% of this energy to use elsewhere, so if you’re looking for another source of renewable energy, compressed air could be the solution. When combined with solutions including an insulated roller shutter, your staff will notice a marked difference in performance and energy efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Being unprepared for the winter months can be damaging to a business. However, by understanding what you need to do to increase energy efficiency in your company, whether it’s through installing an insulated industrial roller shutter on your industrial roller doors or adapting existing systems to suit modern functions better, the potential is there.

If you’re interested in finding out more tips for improving your business’ energy efficiency, download our free guide.