Fast action PVC shutters and high speed shutters are a popular choice for businesses with a high traffic work yard. Perfect for both commercial and industrial sectors, these fast action roller shutters improve both productivity and energy efficiency due to the high speeds that they operate at.

Common High Speed Shutter Uses

These shutters can be used for food factories where hygiene is crucial. High-speed doors are perfect for ensuring that dust is kept out and building entrance opening times are kept to a minimum. These high-speed shutters are also great for factories and other industrial buildings where temperature control is essential. Some models can be designed to keep the cold in, especially for refrigerated rooms. With their high operating speeds, they ensure that regular loss of heat or increase in temperature is minimised, therefore improving energy efficiency.

Made to Measure and Self Repairing PVC Shutters

These commercial and industrial doors are available in a range of sizes and can be made to measure to ensure that the door size fits the opening perfectly. There is also a self-repairing model that reduces the chance of impact damage. In the industrial environment, work yards are used a tremendous amount by a variety of people, forklift steering and high amounts of traffic mean that collisions are inevitable. These high-speed roller shutter doors have the ability to automatically reset themselves onto the guides if the main curtain is struck by a forklift. These can also have vision panels integrated into the design of the PVC door to reduce the likelihood of a collision in this fast-paced environment.

High Speed Shutters

Fast action roller shutters have opening and closing speeds from as little as 1000mm per second. This rapid roll action ensures that heat loss is prevented and workplace productivity is at a maximum. Often with industrial and commercial premises, the roller shutters chosen don’t operate at a fast enough speed for the flow of traffic in and out of the building meaning that employees can be left waiting for shutters to open, especially if they’re manual roller shutters. With high-speed PVC doors, their electric motors and lightweight structure means that they can operate at speeds that enable to fast entry and exits to and from the main building, increasing the amount of work that can be completed in a set timeframe.