How Burglars Enter the Garage

garage door securityThere are four primary ways burglars gain entry to residential garages.

Open or unlocked garage doors – Some homeowners are careless about closing and securing the garage door. An open garage door is an invitation to probe, pick something of value up and leave. Insist that anyone who enters the garage, close and secure the door when they leave, even if they are entering the home.

Automatic door opener – Burglars can quickly steal an electronic garage door opener from a vehicle with an open window or when an unattended car is unlocked. They can then choose the time they want to use the opener to enter your garage and if it is attached gain entry into the home.

Lost electric garage door openers cause big problems for homeowners. If any family member loses a garage door opener, make sure they tell the family member in charge of security. It might be best to contact the door manufacturer to discuss your options.

Garage Windows – Garages with good, safe and secure doors can still fall prey to the burglar who notices an unprotected window in the garage. These windows might be left unlocked or the burglar may simply break the glass and gain entry.

Once in, they organize their haul, open the garage door, and remove what they want into a van or vehicle that is pulled up to the garage.

The best way to protect your garage door window is to periodically check that the window is locked, and install a roller shutter or a quality fixed shutter over the window. Today’s shutters do not detract from the home’s appearance and do add a robust extra layer of extra security to your property. Shutters are the best way to keep burglars away from your garage or outbuilding windows.

Fishing – Burglars get high points for creativity. Experienced burglars use an illegal entry technique known as “fishing” to break into residential garages. In this process, the burglar forces the garage door and places a wedge in a gar they create.

Next, the burglar “fish” to trigger the garage door opener. This is not easy but the practiced criminal finds way to get the job done. If the garage door has windows, the task is relatively easy.

One of the most common types of roller shutters protects residential garage doors. This roller shutter will secure your residential garage or outbuilding with strength and durability. When burglars see these shuttered garage doors, they usually give up. An accomplished burglar can fish that garage door with opener that you might think is impenetrable in a matter of minutes. Meet with a roller shitter installer to discuss an extra layer of protection.

Preventive Steps to Protect Your Garage

Homeowners should act to protect their property and their safety. You can follow these tips to help secure your property;

  • Install a deadbolt – Install a deadbolt on the garage service door. If the garage is entered illegally, this will help keep the burglar out of the home.
  • Consider a garage door monitor – This sensor can be attached to the garage door and kept in a conspicuous place. When the door is opened, the sensor activates an alarm.
  • Cover garage windows – When burglars cannot see what is inside the garage, they are unlikely to risk breaking the law. Covered and shuttered windows tell the burglar that someone is paying attention to security.
  • Motion Activated Lighting – Burglars do not like to be noticed or cause a scene. By installing lights around the garage that are activated by motion detectors, the burglar who approaches the garage will trigger a series of floodlights and usually make for cover. The combination of shuttered windows and lighting presents too many challenges for most burglars.

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