Roller shutters and security benefits


Roller shutters increase property security in a number of ways, making them a versatile addition to existing security measures, or a strong starting point around which to build comprehensive commercial security.

Physical barrier. Roller shutters act as a shield between criminal activity and a property, preventing criminals and other unauthorised individuals from entering a property in the first place.

Visual deterrent. Opportunistic thieves in particular act based on impulse and opportunity. Roller shutters restrict both of these, obscuring items of value and temptation from view, while decreasing or eliminating opportunity for access.

Financial security. Roller shutters can be used when calculating property insurance rates with insurance providers as a means of emphasising low risk ratings and high onsite security. Specifically, insurance approved roller shutters carry regulatory authority, guaranteeing to insurers the security level of a premises and contextualising the kinds of tools, circumstances and effort required by potential invaders to overcome said security.

At UK Roller Shutters, we use three main regulatory bodies to ensure our roller shutters’ security: The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), LPS 1175 and STS202.




The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) is the leading international Certification Body in the fields of security and fire protection, making it an influential authority when establishing security ratings.

Recognised by governments across the world, the LPCB approval process involves “assessment and testing of products to ensure that they meet quality standards set by a team of [industry] experts”.

Testing takes place in the LPCB’s own laboratories, with ratings audited regularly by third-parties in order to ensure the LPCB’s world-leading standards.


LPS 1175


LPS 1175 tests are governed by the Building Research establishment (BRE). A variety of different trials are carried out to identify the extent of protection offered by the security measures under scrutiny. In particular, tests establish which kinds of tools are required to compromise the security measures, and how long this process takes.

Based on these findings, they will appoint the security measure a Security Rating (SR) between 1 and 5, with 1 being the weakest, and 5 the strongest.




STS202 operates in a similar fashion to the LPS 1175 tests, except that it is governed by a different body (Exova). Their security levels are distinguished by BR ratings between 1 and 6. (1 offering protection against the casual burglar, 6 offering protection against premeditated crime.)

Read more about our security accreditations here.


Insurance approved roller shutters


At UK Roller Shutters we understand the importance of using insurance approved roller shutters. Insurance approved roller shutters certify your site’s security, demonstrating clearly to insurance providers the scope and strength of your security measures. This results in lower insurance premiums, potentially saving you and your business thousands.

Commercial property insurance is important, providing businesses with the financial security they need to trade confidently. Protect your business with insurance approved roller shutters, and enjoy the benefits of lower insurance premiums.


To secure your commercial premises with insurance approved roller shutters, call UK Roller Shutters today on 01384 221743 or contact us here.