Every type of fire safety deals with different aspects, whether it be heat, flame or smoke. In the case of fire rated shutters, their role is to compartmentalise a fire which stops it from spreading through the building. Not only can this aid a safe evacuation for people in the building, but it can lessen damage to the property as well.

How Do Fire Rated Shutters Work?

Fire rated shutters are often connected to other fire defences that are in place. In many cases, fire rated shutters only move into place when they are needed, as opposed to the standard more simple barriers that are stuck in place.

Many fire shutters have become incredibly sophisticated, some close at a controlled speed whereas others use the gravity of their own weight to control access to that area of the building.

A good fire rated shutter should be viewed as an automatic fire-wall, it can save lives and can contain the fire for long enough for the emergency services to arrive.

How Do I Chose The Right Fire Rated Shutter?

The best thing about fire rated shutters is the way that they combine both radiant heat protection with fire integrity.

Fire safety is incredibly important and for that reason it is important to ensure that you pick the correct fire rated product for your needs.

Compartmentalisation of a room or building is universally recognised as the best way to prevent the spread of a fire. This is why it is crucial to pick a product that has been well and fully tested for true fire integrity and resistance. Alongside this, it is also important to make sure that the fire rated shutter door can perform its duties in spite of any electronic failings due to the fire.

There are a myriad of different fire rated products that can suit your needs, you merely need to review your property and decide what your most likely options and scenarios are that may occur. Once you have a better understanding of your building you will be able to pick a fire rated roller shutter that best serves its purpose as part of your building.

How Can I Decide?

The size of your doorway greatly influences the style of shutter you may choose. For example, a tubular motor fire shutter may better cater to an area of less that 10 square metres, whereas the block motor fire shutter can cater to larger openings.

Fire rated roller shutters are incredible at compartmentalising buildings and allowing for escape in an emergency but they can also double as a security shutter.

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