Good Exterior Lighting

Burglars and intruders love dark spaces which conceal their visibility, and they are more likely to strike if neighbours can’t see them.  In addition, complete darkness of a property alerts a perpetrator to the fact that a building is unoccupied – increasing their chances of stealing or damaging property without being impeded. During opening hours switch on all lights to let people know that there are people in the building.

It can be tough to deter intruders during closing hours. This problem can be solved by strong outdoor lighting, typically placed around the front and back entrances to a building.  Intruders do not want their suspicious behaviour to be seen around a neighbourhood, so they will instantly be deterred by sufficient lighting.

This lighting can be permanent or motion-sensing; lighting up when there is movement within a certain radius.

Close Circuit Television

CCTV systems can catch site activity and images of intruders should they strike. If people know that they will be caught on camera they will be less likely to offend, and if they do they can be identified by police.

CCTV works in all areas – both inside and outside of business premises – including entrances, cash tills and stock warehouses to catch criminal activity on video. However it can be costly to install and operate, as well as time-consuming to review.

Security Gates

For large premises, such as warehouses and depots, it is advisable to install gates around front of the property.  This prevents intruders from even getting close to your property and seeing what is inside.

Burglar Alarms

An obvious option in the 21st century is to install intruder alarms – which are particularly popular in retail stores and can raise a siren to distract intruders as well as alert neighbours and people in the vicinity.  Alarms can be set when closing a store or business property for the evening and deactivated with a code.

It is advisable to have qualified alarms system technicians in to install them for best results.

Outdoor Shutter Doors

Burglaries are far more likely to strike if people can see into a property – through the windows – to see the contents inside. Installing firm steel shutter doors on the entrances of a property can also protect glass from being smashed and locks from being tampered with. The strength of these shutters put off burglars and intruders because they are extremely difficult to penetrate.

Indoor Shutter Doors

For pubs, clubs, restaurants and bars – or stores with specialist valuable items – inside shutter doors can be installed to cordon off certain areas of a business premises. These include behind bars where high volumes of stock and cash are held, and kitchens to deny access to unwanted personnel. These work like outdoor shutters but can provide additional security to sections of your indoor inventory as well.

These are just some of the methods available to small business owners. UK Roller Shutters supply robust shutter doors for the inside and outside of your property, so if you would like to enhance your security call us today on 01384 221743 or contact us online here.