Adequate Lighting

Adding more lighting to dark areas can discourage lurking criminals and make patrons feel safer. But the first step to take before adding additional lighting is to use polished concrete or paint roofs and walls with a light colour to maximize lighting effectiveness.

Painting your car park in lighter colours can reduce your overall need for lighting and lower your bills. When choosing a lighting system to install, look for lamps that provide even and consistent lighting to minimize any shadow areas.

The British Parking Association recommends metal halide lights, claiming that their high colour recognition can improve the effectiveness of CCTV footage.

Roller Shutter Doors

security roller shutter

Preventing unauthorized access is another key concern to increasing safety in your car park. Installing roller shutter doors at all vehicle entrances and automated security doors at pedestrian entrances minimizes the risk of unwanted persons entering.

Automated roller shutter doors provide security and driver convenience for private residential car parks. The driver is able to remotely operate the door while staying within the safety of their vehicle.

A self-locking motor protects prevents unauthorized entry and is a barrier against break-ins. If you select a heavy duty rolling shutter door that is specially built for commercial use.

The British Parking Association requires that doors meet the LPS 1175 security designation to quality for their safe parking award. To be most effective, gates must close again quickly after each vehicle to prevent tailgating.


CCTV systems should include a DVR recorder in order to meet minimum safety standards. This enables footage to be captured and transferred to other security systems for review.

Ideally, the DVR should be operated in a separate location so that it cannot be vandalized and can permit offsite review of footage.

Customer Safety Features

Effective monitoring by management can decrease crime and vandalism in car parks. Offering customers a way to report and interact with monitoring staff can greatly add to their safety. Some important features include:

  • Intercoms/Telephones: These provide a way for customers to contact staff if there is a problem or safety concern. Two-way intercoms can also be installed at payment stations in case of problems with tickets or payments.
  • Staff Kiosk: Having a visible manager present onsite can make your car park less of a target for vandals and offer a connection point for customers with questions or concerns.
  • Panic Alarms: Depending on risk factors in your area, you may decide to include panic alarms as part of your security plan. If used, these alarms should be installed on every floor in an area covered by CCTV surveillance. They should be monitored by staff at all times.

With good lighting to diminish hiding spaces, CCTV, staff monitoring to identify and deal with potential problems, and roller shutter doors to prevent unauthorized entry, your car park should be highly secure. This can save money by preventing vandalism, and more importantly will inspire confidence and a feeling of safety in your patrons.

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