Crime Prevention

SBD functions in partnership with quality security services and products in order to achieve its crime-free goals. They promote a range of products in order to dissuade, discourage and ultimately prevent crime before it happens, turning high risk zones such as commercial areas and private homes into places of safety.

UK Roller Shutters

UK Roller Shutters are proud to produce SBD-approved roller shutters, guaranteeing their quality in accordance with the ACPO’s requirements. Roller shutters act as a physical barrier, preventing a criminal from entering unauthorised property, but also as a deterrent.

By obstructing a criminal’s line of sight into a premises, the shutters reduce the likelihood of an intrusion in the first place. These are the values Secured by Design seeks to promote.


For an additional fee, we offer this prestigious guarantee on a number of our roller shutter lines. These shutters come with a SBD security rating accreditation in order to qualify the level of protection offered. For more information see “Accreditations Explained” on our website.

It is SBD’s directive to create secure locations for people to live and work in through crime prevention. Preventing a crime is better financially and easier procedurally than pursuing convictions and justice after a crime has been committed.

Crime prevention is also victimless. These are the values that drive SBD and the products and services they endorse in their pursuit of a safer, more secure country.

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