Regular inspections

Walk around your premises on a regular basis, keeping an eye out for any issues. If your business is industrial and has a high risk of fire, you should check fire extinguishers and hoses on a daily basis to make sure they are ready if required. Another daily check is to make sure the fire escape is in good shape and that fire doors are unlocked and open easily.

Check the premises again at night. Make sure no loose rubbish or flammable material is left around the building. Check that doors and windows are all locked and your security system is activated, if you have one. Be on the look out for any type of vandalism. Graffiti or building damage can signal to vandals that a property is not well cared for. Remove or repair any damage as soon you spot it.

Don’t be a target

Leave security lights on around the building or install motion-activated lights. Install an alarm system that alerts you and the police if someone tries to break in. Most random arson fires are started outside by vandals hoping to create trouble. But you may also have problems from former employees, staff members with a grudge, or workers trying to cover up another type of crime.

Safety Checklist

In addition to the pointers above, use this checklist to reduce your risk of attack and make sure that you are not a target for arsonists:

  • Make sure that doors open easily and that exits are not blocked. Never lock fire exits when employees are in the building. At the same time, limit the number of entrances being regularly used. This makes it easier to secure the permitter and control who enters and exits.
  • Larger companies may find it economical to hire a security guard to monitor entrances and patrol the building. If your business is in a mall or business park, make sure you are comfortable with the on-site security firm and that they know who to call after hours if they see signs that your building is not secure.
  • For small businesses without a security staff, train staff to be vigilant and to follow procedures for securing the building at the end of the day. Security systems should be activated by the last person to leave, and if no electronic system is in place, the outside lights should be left on as a deterrent.
  • Keep records of who has access badges or keys to enter your business. Make sure access is revoked when employees quit or are fired.
  • Store rubbish in metal bins that can be chained up to prevent access. Set up a regular removal schedule so that junk doesn’t build up and become a fire hazard.
  • Install anti-arson letterboxes and make sure there are no large gaps under doors. This can stop lighted rags or paper from being pushed into a room.
  • There is no 100 per cent solution for preventing arson, but vigilance and a little extra effort will greatly reduce your risk.


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