If you are considering purchasing a residence in a different neighbourhood, do some research first. Selecting a location that is in a safe neighbourhood that has low crime rate is a good place to start protecting your family and your personal possessions.

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Common Sense Defence Protocol Actions

Before you invest in home security, instil a sense of responsibility among those in your home. These tips will help protect your loved ones and their possessions.

Never open the door to strangers – Make sure the door has a spy hole and advise your family members to never open the door to anyone they do not definitely know.

Never hide the keys – House keys should not be given to repair persons or left outside the home for convenience. If family members assumed that burglars were always watching activities in the home, they would never leave keys under a brick or stone. Furthermore, many household burglaries are committed or connected to persons known to the homeowners or his or her family.

Don’t display – Pay attention to your window security. Your windows tells a lot about your home and possessions. Discourage outsiders from observing the interior of our home. Install good window locks and use shutters to discourage peeping.

Install motion detectors – Install strategically placed flood lights that are activated by motion. These are cost-effective anti- burglary lights that can catch the potential burglar by surprise. The lights will also notify people in the residence of anyone entering the covered area.

Check your door locks – As soon as you purchase your home, check your door locks and make sure everyone if the family knows how to lock and unlock the doors. No occupant should be in the home with a door unlocked even if it is daylight. Most household, burglaries in the UK occur during the daytime.

Make the home look occupied – Vacation season is another peak time in home burglaries. When away from home, use lamps that are activated by a timer. When on holiday, always keep the lawn mowed and arrange for mail pickup or put a hold on delivery. Do the same for newspapers. Don’t advertise that you are on vacation and you will reduce the chance of a break-in.

Get a dog – Dogs are not a guarantee but burglars do not like to tangle with barky dogs. A great pet is watchful, and observant and best of all protective of its territory and its masters.

Understanding the Burglar

Understanding the way burglars operate is important. Most burglars occur between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. while people are at work. Burglars are careful. The successful burglar studies his or her subjects. They contact people who are familiar with neighbourhoods and gain information about habits and value of personal property.

Successful and unsuccessful burglars have a few things in common. They dislike noise, they disdain the unexpected and they do like to cause a scene. The quicker the burglar gets in and gets out, the better their chance of success.

Successful burglars move with speed. They take advantage of the homeowner’s innocence and use it to access the home, usually through the front door and getaway fast, usually in a vehicle parked in the driveway.

Burglars prefer easy access and carelessness by household residents.

Installing Obstacles

Homeowners and commercial property owners should install layers of defence, starting with a common sense approach. The next level of security is installing good locks on all doors and windows.

A third layer of security is denying the potential burglar of information about your possessions, their location in the home and their value. Shutters are terrific for accomplishing this goal. Locked windows that prevent would-be intruders from peering onto the home are serious deterrents to home invasions.

Make sure your doors are secure by reinforcing the strike plate and installing one-way peep holes. If the door has glass around the frame, make sure it is frosted.

If you would like extra security for your home or business property, consider installing steel roller shutters. For more information about our range of shutters, give us a call on 01384 221743 or contact us online.