Fire-rated shutters offer the unique capability of being controlled via a simple control panel. The shutter can be allocated to seal off an area of choice. These fire-rated shutters are used internally and externally on thousands of UK commercial properties. If the fire generates up to 1200 degrees Centigrade of heat on one side of the shutter door, firefighters are able to work as close as half a metre to the shutter. Even the non-fire rated shutter door allows firefighters to work within six metres of the door.

The most durable fire rated shutter doors have ratings of either one, two or four hours. Insurance companies like the use of these doors which are offered in a variety of colours and are manufactured in compliance with the Provision and Use off Work Equipment Regulations. Motor-driven fire-rated door shutters are fitted with safety brakes which allow the doors to navigate steep descents in an organised and safe manner. It is this attention to detail that has made these doors the choice for the large commercial buildings, factories, airports and warehouses in the UK. When people and property need to be protected, a fire-rated shutter door is the best solution.

Extended Security Grilles

UK warehouses, factories, offices and even residential property owners are turning to extended security grilles to ensure privacy, prevent invasions and keep prying eyes and hands away. These grilles are used wherever a minimally obtrusive system to protect doors and windows from burglary are required.

If the determined burglar shatters the glass in a door or window, the extended grille will keep them out. Many property owners use the extended grille to create cages that protect restricted areas and equipment in those areas such as computers.

The grille is fitted to the door or window so that is covers the glass. They have been used to protect French doors, patio doors and large glass windows at commercial enterprises. For the business or residence that has high volume goods, the extended security grille is the way to go.

Steel Sliding Doors

Practical, easy to use and move and durable and string, the commercial grade sliding steel door is a best seller in the UK. Great security at a little less cost than the roller shutter, the steel sliding door is a favourite with budget minded hangars and buildings that feature large apertures. Distribution centres are especially fond of this alternative.

Most steel sliding doors are used when the opening to be protected is in excess of 10 metres wide. These highly functional doors are easy to move but string and offer a formidable defence against the intruder.

Galvanised Steel Shutter

When high level security is a must, the galvanised steel shutter is up to the challenge. As a deterrent to vandalism, this door announces that it is “Secured by Design.” Doors can be adopted to meet the Association of Chief Police Office (ACPO). This accreditation can help with your insurance premium.

Warehouses, factories, loading bays and other areas that require an extra layer of protection are popular buyers of this product. When closed, the galvanised steel shutter announces “Keep Out”! When open, this shutter provides unobstructed access. Most of these units are installed in opening up to 10,000 mm across.

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