Focus on Your Floor plan

If you didn’t focus on this when you were setting up your warehouse, it’s still vital to look at it now. In fact, rearranging your floor plan could be one of the most profitable things you do for your business, even if it isn’t as popular as generating sales.

Not only will your staff be able to get your product out the door faster, but you’ll be amazed at the amount of space you’re currently wasting. Most businesses use their warehouse space inefficiently, make sure you change this pattern before you start fretting about running out of space, and you should immediately see tangible financial benefits.

Streamline Your Shelving

For all the shelving options seemingly available, there’s a quick rule of thumb to stop you feeling overwhelmed. Choose between two-tiered and mezzanine shelving and give consideration to whether you want your shelves to be fixed or mobile.

Your ultimate goal should be to squeeze your rows of shelving together as tightly as possible, only opening them up when you need access. This will immediately give you 50% more floor space. Impressive indeed!

Put Your Best Selling Product First

It sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do it. By strategically placing your top-selling products where they’re easiest to access, you’ll save your staff a lot of time. There really is no sense in having your pickers walking across a vast warehouse or using ladders when they don’t need to.

Managers and Consultants

This is one of the most important decisions you can make. After all, some of the most successful distribution operations run full-time warehouse managers. However, if you want to get things off to a flying start, or check in occasionally to ensure everything is running optimally, there are professionals you can hire who carry some impressive tools.

One app can track movement of people and products throughout your warehouse, allowing you to see what is moving off the shelves the fastest and how long it takes for your pickers to get your products onto the next stage.

Accurate Inventories Are Everything

This is really where your organised warehouse will start paying dividends. Once your products are in place, every transaction, physical movement, and change in an item’s status needs to be recorded. Reference these changes to their initial request, and time and date-stamp everything.

Barcode and radio frequency identification technologies will help this along and are often simple to use. In fact, such systems will also help you optimise your route around the warehouse, as you’ll be kept abreast of exactly where everything is.

Embracing Warehouse Technologies

Effective communication is the cornerstone of an efficient, modern warehouse. Voice technology, complete with headsets for pickers, is now mainstream in distribution centres that need to move high volumes of product.

This technology can be configured to work with warehouse management systems, servicing a number of orders along a specific route, barcoding boxes for a large number of items, prioritising for urgency, and directing warehouse staff. Such technologies result in a higher volume of products being shipped while maintaining accurate inventory records.

Plan Your Technology to Suit Your Warehouse Team

Before employing new technologies, it’s a good idea to have a conversation with key members of your warehouse team. They’ll offer valuable feedback on what will work for them and their feedback will also allow you to gain buy-in when introducing new technologies.

Reports have shown that warehouse staff will learn to maximise the efficiencies inherent in warehouse technology with ease, especially if your layout, product placement, and inventory system are running at peak productivity.

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