How Many Security Guards?

The number of security guards you will need depends upon venue size and the nature of people attending the shows you intend to put on. As a rule of thumb, having 1 guard per 100 people will help you to plan and budget security for events.

But the exact number will depend on the capacity of each show.  You may also need to consider placing a number of security guards amongst the crowd depending on its size, artist and VIP security if necessary, venue security and door security.

Fully Check Employees

To help run your venue you need to employ other staff, aside from security personnel. This could include bar, door or cloakroom staff, managers and cleaners. Regardless of position, it’s essential that you employ trustworthy employees and you carry out a full background check that includes all references and criminal records.

Imagine discovering that a member of staff has a violent past after s/he loses control with a patron at your venue, or has a drug conviction if drugs are found in your venue. Each member of staff represents your club and could be a potential security risk, so ensure you check their backgrounds thoroughly.

Employee Training

Provide thorough training to all members of staff. Bar staff need to be aware of the age restrictions when serving alcohol, as well as individual and venue liability for underage drinking. The venue policy on age ID should also be clear.

In addition, training on defusing conflict may help to prevent fights, and your security guards should know how to safely and legally escort a guest from your venue. Not providing adequate training risks not only the personal security of your staff and your patrons, but also your venue’s future.

Install CCTV

Installing closed circuit TV in your venue is a good idea for two reasons. Not only will it help your security personnel monitor your venue more effectively, it will also provide recorded evidence should a criminal incident occur in your club.

Employ the services of an expert when installing your system and make sure that your CCTV covers all doors and outside entry spaces, as well any hidden corners where incidents may occur.

Secure Your Premises

You need to secure your equipment and premises from theft and vandalism. Expensive equipment, such as computers or PA equipment, should be secured by a security tag and serial numbers recorded. It’s a good idea to conduct a regular audit of equipment for insurance purposes. You should also consider strengthening entry/exit doors, fitting window locks, installing security lighting and an alarm system, and for added peace of mind fitting roller shutters. Each will help deter burglaries and vandals, helping to keep your venue secure.

Following the above guidelines will help you to provide security for your venue, your staff and your patrons.

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