Fire and gas safety

Fire Prevention Roller ShuttersFire safety precautions are simple to implement and can save lives. Landlords are required to install smoke alarms in every property. But according to safety statistics, 90 people will die each year because they don’t regularly test their alarm and replace flat batteries.

Understand where the exits, stairs, and fire escapes are located in your building and create a fire emergency plan. Make sure that everyone in your family knows what to do, how to get out, and who to contact in case a fire breaks out.

Emergency lighting should be tested regularly and all exits should be clearly marked. Stairwells and other common areas should be kept free from debris. Fire doors should be tested to make sure they close securely. Never leave fire doors propped open for any reason; they offer an extra layer of protection to keep a fire from spreading.

For gas safety, your landlord is required to schedule an annual gas safety check on every gas appliance and your flue. He is required to keep these records and provide you with a copy so you know your home is safe.

Physical security

The most important part of physical security is to always be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for suspicious people or anything unusual on your street. Make sure that lighting around your property is working, and inform the landlord if lights are out.

Taking steps to prevent break-ins is also important. Check your locks regularly and replace any that are substandard or don’t operate smoothly. If there is fencing around your property, make sure it is in good shape with no breaks or damage.

Landlords are responsible for repairing any physical problems around your building and making sure that staircases, building exteriors, and other public spaces are safe. Check with your landlord to see if CCTV covers your building. If not, lobby for him to install surveillance cameras. Alarm systems are not necessarily a means of prevention, but an alarm can alert the authorities and possibly scare off a perpetrator if an attack occurs.

If your flat is on the ground floor, installing roller shutters on your windows and doors can increase your safety. But even if you don’t live on the ground floor, roller shutters can insulate your home from weather hazards and street noise. In addition, they can help to protect your family’s privacy at night.

Landlord responsibilities

Landlords are required to meet legal requirements for their property as defined by the Defective Premises Act 1972, the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, and the Environmental Protection Act 1990. These requirements include responsibilities for tenant safety and property maintenance.

If you suspect that your property contains unaddressed health or safety hazards, you can request a Health and Safety Rating System inspection (HHSRS) from your local council. If the inspection finds major faults the council may hire a contractor to do the work and send your landlord the bill.

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