Holiday Security Checklist 1

Always make sure you lock up! This doesn’t just mean your doors and windows but also any outbuilding such as garages or sheds which can easily be forgotten. If you also get items delivered to your home, such as newspapers or milk, be sure to cancel them when you go away on holiday.

A weeks’ supply of milk at your door is an obvious sign that the home is unoccupied. When you go on vacation you may take most of valuable such as Ipods, Ipads or Smartphones, but for the valuables you don’t take you should make sure they are well hidden from the view of criminals. Hide them in cupboards or give them to a trusting friend or family member to look after.

Holiday Security Checklist 2

Timer’s are ideal for making your home appear as though it is being lived in whilst you’re busy relaxing on a beach or busy sightseeing. Set the timers on lights or a radio and let your neighbour know when they have been set for, that way if a light is turned on when they aren’t set they can call you or the local authorities.

As previously mentioned when you cancel your deliveries you should also make sure you rearrange any deliveries you are expecting from the postal service. If you can’t or you need it urgently then ask your neighbour, friend or family member to collect it. Luckily, with most postal services you can track your order and therefore you can let them know when it is expected to arrive.

Make sure to mow your lawn before you leave for your holiday. An overgrown lawn can be a sign that the home is unoccupied. Perhaps ask a neighbour to water your plants too, although you can normally rely on the British weather for that!

Holiday Security Checklist 4

Many burglaries are planned in advance, if the criminal is used to seeing a car parked in your driveway then a week or two without one may catch their attention. Ask a neighbour to park their car in your driveway every so often to make it look as though you have guests round.

Be sure to hide any ladders or tools such as hammers which could be used to force entry into your home. Make sure these are securely locked away in an outbuilding / in your home or with a neighbour.

Lastly, you should prepare for the worst case scenario and security mark all your valuables before you go away. This will mean in the unfortunate case that a criminal does enter your property you will have a much better chance of relocating your items.

With all these ticked off your checklist you should be able to really enjoy your holiday without any security worries!

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