Install A Burglar Alarm

One of the best ways to deter intruders is to have a sensor-controlled alarm system. Once you have keyed in your pin, the sensors will detect movement in your home and set off an alarm.

You can also choose a system that is linked to a police response unit.

Modern technology now allows you remote access to your alarm and locks. Using your smartphone you can activate and monitor your security system wherever you are.

You can also turn the webcam on your computer into a surveillance camera, which you can access remotely with your smartphone when away from home.


One of the more affordable ways of securing your home is to install external lighting.

Infrared sensors detect movement around your property and light up if someone is approaching. However, be aware that if your sensors are particularly sensitive, animals can easily set them off. Make sure your lights aren’t too bright and do not cause a disturbance for your neighbours.

Most burglars take advantage of an empty property. One of the best deterrents is to make it look as if someone’s home. This can easily be achieved with timer switches. You can control when and how long lights in different rooms can be turned on for.

Doors and Windows

How secure are your front and back doors? Your exterior doors need to be solidly built of either fibreglass or steel. In addition to traditional rim locks, install deadbolts that slide into the doorframe, for added security.

Laminated glass is much harder to break than standard glass. It is a more secure alternative for windows and doors. Install key-fitted locks in all of your windows. Ground level windows are more at risk, so consider installing roller shutters as an extra security measure. Roller shutters are an ideal way of stepping up your home security without ruining the look of your home. They not only protect your property from vandalism and intruders but also from harsh weather conditions.

For even higher protection, consider installing extender security grilles. Not only can they be fitted to standard windows, but also to patio doors, windows and French doors. They can withstand attacks from axes, crowbars, hacksaws and car jacks. Incredibly strong, extender security grilles are also aesthetically pleasing. The lattice effect adds an attractive addition to your windows and glass doors while offering you an exceptionally high level of security.

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