Storage tips

Adjustable shelving can provide a solution for just about any storage need. These systems are flexible and expandable. You can always move shelves around to accommodate larger items or purchase additional shelves to meet your needs. Freestanding shelving units with doors can reduce visual clutter and make a good home for cleaning supplies, gardening chemicals, and other items you don’t want kids and pets to get into.

Pegboards are another classic tool for garage storage. If you have a lot of tools or other small items to store, turn one wall into a pegboard and place hooks as needed to create an organised system where everything has a place. You can also purchase specialty storage for unwieldy items such as bicycles, skis, and garden hoes.

Bins are another option for creating storage. If you have small objects, items with odd shapes, or tools that are difficult to hang on a pegboard, a system of bins is another way to stay organised. One word of warning though – definitely label each bin and keep items sorted so that they don’t become a mess you have to rummage through. For really small items such as washers, nails, and screws, a set of kitchen spice jars can be the ideal organisation tool.

Install a wall

A slatted wall panel system gives you the freedom to create your ultimate storage system. These panels let you add bins, shelves, and mounted cabinets in any configuration without drilling holes in the drywall every time you want to make a change.

A cabinet mounted to your slatted wall can take the place of a freestanding shelving unit, and lets you store things off the ground, out of the reach of little ones. Cabinets of this kind can typically support 60 kg or more and are corrosion resistant.

Create a workspace

Many people dream of creating a workspace in their garage to accommodate their hobby. Whether you want a gardening area with a potting table or a small art studio or DIY woodworking station, organising your garage can free up the space to use for your next creative project.

Build or purchase a heavy-duty workbench with a heavy top. Some come with built in drawers and shelves, but the table top is the most important part. You can always add storage later. Choose a height that is comfortable for your work style, and a length and depth that will give you plenty of room to work.

Good lighting is also key to your workshop. High intensity LED or halogen lights will help you focus on your work. Don’t forget electrical power. Having adequate outlets nearby is a must, as long extension cords can pose a safety hazard. An electrician can solve this problem in a few hours or less.

Protect your investment

In addition to your car, you most likely have hundreds of pounds worth of tools and gear in your garage. Your garage might also offer private entry into your home. For these reasons, you should consider protecting your property with a roller shutter door. Shutter doors offer protection for your valuables and come in a variety of colours and wood effects to match any home design.

Having an organised garage will help you feel more productive and may even inspire you to do those household chores you’ve been meaning to get to. It may seem daunting, but the effort you put into creating a tidy space will make a big difference in your life.

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