Fire insurance: the basics

The purpose of fire insurance is to cover the direct cost of fire damage, including structural repair work and replacement capital. (Including stock, equipment, and other assets.)

In addition to the policyholder’s assets, fire insurance policies can also offer coverage to nearby buildings, and expenses incurred as a result of being unable to trade at the fire damaged property. Different policies confer different terms, with more comprehensive policies costing higher rates.

How expensive is fire insurance?

A number of other factors will influence the cost of fire insurance. These include:

  • Insurance company
  • Postcode of business
  • Size of the premises
  • Total business value
  • Risk rating (crime, fire, other hazard)
  • Policy history
  • Business security rating

While many factors governing insurance premiums are out of business owners’ hands, a business’ security rating can be improved by installing security measures. Installing fire prevention measures across your premises should directly influence your fire insurance premium. Effective fire prevention measures are tools, equipment or safety methods that reduce the potential risk of fires on your premises.

UK Roller Shutters

UK Roller Shutters offer insurance approved roller shutters specifically designed to reduce the impact of fire to your business premises.

Our Fire Rated Security Shutters create a barrier that prevents fire spreading throughout a property. Controlled by a simple control panel, the shutters protect against radiant heat up to 1200C. The lowered Fire Rated Security Shutter traps fire on one side of the door, enabling firefighters to work within half a metre of the door compares to a minimum of six metres in the case of a non-fire-rated roller shutter.


  • Our Fire Rated Security Shutters can be supplied with either a 1, 2, or 4 hour fire rating, depending on your requirements, and are tested to BS476 part 22: 1977.
  • As with all our motor-driven shutters, Fire Rated Security Doors are fitted with:
  • Safety brakes
  • Drive ratio control, to manage controlled descents correctly
  • Shutters are available in sizes to suit your needs
  • Either galvanised or powder coated in a choice of colours
  • Insurance approved guarantee

Currently, commercial buildings, non-domestic and multi-occupancy premises in England and Wales are already required to complete a fire risk assessment carried out under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Taking the next step and investing in proper fire security measures is good business sense.

Our Fire Rated Security Shutter’s compliance with the Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations ensures lower rates from insurance companies. Install Fire Rated Security Shutters for lower fire insurance rates today.

Bring your fire insurance costs down with our Fire Rated Security Shutters. For more information, call UK Roller Shutters today on 01384 221743 or contact us here.