Fire curtainWhat are fire curtains?

Fire curtains are sheets of fire-resistant material that can be drawn over entrances and other access points to delay or prevent fire damage. Fire curtains work by obstructing flames and smoke, giving occupants the ability to contain fires in a room, seal off rooms, and evacuate with more time.

Fire curtains are a highly cost-effective and flexible solution with a number of practical benefits that make them appealing to business owners:

  • Visually inconspicuous
  • Protect against fire and smoke
  • Extends building evacuation time
  • Can reduce loss of life and property damage by giving emergency services time to respond

Fire shuttersWhat are fire rated shutters?

Fire rated shutters are roller shutters designed specifically with the purpose of withstanding fire damage. Shutters are typically constructed from a combination of fire-resistant materials, including a synthetic outer skin bonded to a high performance insulation core, for maximum efficiency.

In the event of a business fire, fire rated shutters can be drawn down, compartmentalising rooms and containing flames. Like the fire curtain, this can help to prevent the spread of fire throughout a building, while allowing employees and customers more time to escape safely as safely as possible.

Fire curtains vs. fire rated shutters: what’s the difference?

Both fire risk measures work to prevent the spread of flames and smoke. Both can be activated in the event of fires, and both function to provide more time for occupants to escape the burning building safely. Despite similarities, there are a number of differences that set these two products apart.

Fire curtains.

Visually, fire curtains are less obtrusive than fire rated shutters. This makes them more versatile, able to suit a wider variety of business premises with no compromise to safety. It also makes them more suitable for internal use, protecting lift entrances, stairwells and other high risk areas without interfering with daily activity around these places.

At UK Roller Shutters, our Fire Curtains can be configured to suit any aperture, and will automatically deploy in the event of a fire, helping to save lives by providing vital extra minutes while a building is evacuated and emergency services arrive.

  • Fire Curtains are made from a fire-rated fabric which is stitched using Kevlar and stainless steel
  • All our Fire Curtains undergo rigorous testing to comply with relevant BS, EN, and UL standards

A range of Fire Curtains are available to meet different certification requirements. Our products can be specified to provide protection from fire for up to 240 minutes, and also to prevent smoke leakage.

Fire rated shutters.

Fire rated shutters are a greater investment but are generally considered the superior fire safety choice. At UK Roller Shutters, our Fire Rated Shutters can be supplied with either a 1, 2, or 4 hour fire rating, depending on your specific requirements. All Fire Rated Shutters are tested to BS476 part 22: 1977.

  • Our large range of Fire Rated Shutters offer a secure and fireproof solution to safeguarding large or small openings.
  • We can offer 1,2,3 and 4 hour rated Fire Roller Shutters.
  • All of our Fire Rated Shutters are fully tested and certified to latest standard.
  • Our Fire Rated Shutters can also reduce the cost of your fire insurance. Read about the importance of business fire insurance here.
  • Easy to use from a control panel, and capable of containing heats of 1200C, our Fire Rated Shutters are industry-leading examples of business fire protection.

So what’s the difference? When it comes to fire curtains vs. fire rated shutters, business owners should choose the fire safety measures that best suits their business premises. Where the visual appearance of a business area is important, fire curtains make an excellent, unobtrusive choice. Areas at high fire risk, with above average fire hazards or vulnerable staff, might consider the increased safety afforded by fire rated shutters, for example.

Whichever you choose, increase your fire rating today by protecting your business against fire damage.

To find out more about the difference between fire curtains and fire rated shutters, call UK Roller Shutters today on 01384 221743 or contact us here.