With the recent global crisis in the Middle East and in Ukraine, it is difficult to project the cost of fossil fuel energy in the upcoming months and winter season. However, experts predict the cost of energy will present challenges for homeowners around the world as they prepare to fight back against Winter.

Unfortunately, all those drafty windows and doors will cause major headaches for homeowners this year. But, we are not defenceless. As Stephen and Rebekah Hren have stated in their popular book, Carbon-Free Home, we can do some smart things that come at a reasonable cost and yield a high rate of return for the household budget.

Energy Audit

The best place to start fighting back against wasteful energy consumption is with a home energy audit.

You can probably do this yourself but if you are unsure about the process, there are firms that provide free energy audits.

A home energy audit will definitively identify places your home is losing heat and wasting energy. The best time to perform the audit is on a cold day when thermal images can be captured. These images will accurately identify all the places heat is escaping your home and show you where cold air is entering.

The chances are pretty good that a major source of energy leakage is through your doors and windows. Many homeowners understand that their building is suffering from a loss of heat, but are often surprised when they become aware of how much this heat loss is actually costing!

Reasonable Solutions

In a perfect world, we could immediately take action after the energy audit and replace our dated windows and doors with new, insulated and double glazed windows and doors. Obviously, this can also be a shock to the budget.

However, we are not defenceless. Over the years, a variety of systems have been devised that can greatly assist us in the fight against over consumption.

Curtains & Shutters

One of those options is the insulated curtain. Properly designed and properly installed insulated curtains can help reduce the draft and heat loss. Homeowners must be careful though. Improperly designed or improperly installed insulated curtains without a framed valance can cause more harm than good.

Another solution is the insulated shutter.

The insulated shutter has proven very successful at reducing drafts and keeping heat in the property. Additionally, the shutter allows the homeowner to have natural light in the home when available and offers greater flexibility than the insulated curtain, which can make a room look and feel small.

Shutters can be fitted to the door or window opening, have great flexibility and are easy to close or open. Furthermore, they add the extra feature of increasing home security. There are several choices when it comes to insulating shutters. As well as improving the security around your property, your primary goal is also to retain more heat and stop wasting energy so regularly.

The added opportunity to reduce heat loss can be a terrific incentive to purchase and fit new insulated shutters to your property. When you add the increased security and peace of mind these shutters offer, the decision becomes even easier.

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