What are roller shutters?

A roller shutter (roller door/sectional overhead door) is a shutter that can be drawn down over windows or doors to help protect them from damage. Usually roller shutters are raised during business hours and lowered in the evening, when site staff leave for the day. This movement can be manual or motorised, depending on the size and function of the roller shutter.

Roller shutters are typically made up of horizontal slats hinged together, giving them their flexibility and strength. A wide variety of designs are available, for example bars or web systems, making roller shutters suitable for a range of purposes.

One of these purposes is insulation, designed to cut business energy costs.

Insulated roller shutters

Insulated roller shutters provide the dual function of security and insulation. They are a strong choice for businesses with security concerns and higher than average energy costs. They are also strong choices for businesses looking to invest in long-term energy reducing solutions.

Business premises that typically benefit from insulated roller shutters include warehouses, retail units, garages, factories, and any businesses situated in colder climates with a heavy reliance on heating.

UK Roller Shutters’ Insulated Roller Shutters

We offer a wide range of industry-leading roller shutters, expertly designed and manufactured to suit a variety of business and domestic functions.

Ideally suited for commercial and industrial environments, our Insulated Roller Shutters provide business premises with increased insurance and security. Reduce heat loss and protect your business assets against criminal damage. Better manage your business outgoings with regular energy costs and security you can rely on. They also confer added benefits, including draught prevention and noise reduction.

  • Shutter laths are filled with an insulating material which is highly efficient and lightweight.
  • Each roller shutter has twin brushes in the guides, and rubber seals fitted along the base, combining to offer further sound reduction and draught exclusion.
  • As with all our shutter doors, these are available as both manual and electrically operated. They are also available in most sizes and finishes.
  • View our complete RAL colour chart here.

Insulated shutters 1Product recommendation: GLV-11INS

For commercial and industrial premises, our product recommendation is the GLV-11INS.

This insulated roller shutter is incredibly effective, combining the high quality strength of galvanised steel with the insulation qualities guaranteed to bring your energy costs down. The GLV-11INS is one of our most versatile roller shutters, enabling customers to add to or adjust it to suit their specific business premises.

  • Our standard GLV-11INS roller shutter offer a U-Value of 1.4. Bespoke models can be made on request.
  • Available with a certified security accreditation such as Secured By Design (SBD) or LPS1175 Levels 1-5
  • The shutter curtain is formed from colour rolled galvanised 75mm steel concave laths, in either 22s swg (0.7mm) or 20s swg (0.9mm) as standard. Other gauges can be supplied, dependent on opening size & application.
  • The steel laths are held securely in place by a system of end locks.
  • For CAD drawings and full product specifications, see here.

Rising energy costs over the winter put increasing pressure on companies to affordably heat their premises. Increase your security rating and cut your business energy costs with insulated roller shutters.

To find out how UK Roller Shutters can cut your business energy costs with insulated roller shutters, call us today on 01384 221743 or contact us here for more information.