Alarms and lights

security lightOften, an obvious alarm system with external boxes and clear labelling can be enough to deter an opportunistic thief, so ensure that all steps are taken to showcase your security system. A loud alarm acts to alert those nearby that there is a problem, but can also startle an intruder enough to deter the theft, especially as it is now common practice to have alarms set to automatically contact a security provider if triggered.

Security lights act in a similar way and also increase the chance of an intruder being noticed by a passer by.

Windows and doors

To protect your property further, choose high quality doors and doorframes intended for exterior use with no glass panels. For particularly vulnerable areas steel-reinforced doors should be used with increased locks and anti-thrust bolts. Windows that are not used for display purposes should be obscured as much as possible and barred if practical to do so.

For extra window protection, laminated glass can be used, although this can be an expensive option as it is only effective in combination with equally strong window frames and fittings. Adding a layer of glass film to the inside of the window pane acts to strengthen the glass and also prevents the window from shattering.


Physically securing the premises of a small business beyond the basic level of locking doors adds an extra level of protection, but first you must identify potential areas of weakness. Investing in roller shutters for a particularly weak area of the property, for example the front windows and main entrance, can greatly increase the level of security provided.

Shutters are usually made from metal or fibreglass and form a strong barrier that cannot be penetrated without significant effort and crucially, noise, alerting those nearby to a break in. Shutters and grills also act as a deterrent to intruders and can prevent lesser crimes to a property, such as vandalism.


Often intruders will attempt to leave using a different route in order to attract less attention to their point of entry, which is often made easier by easy exit routes being left unlocked. When closing the property for the night, ensure that exits are locked and cannot be easily opened from the inside, paying particular attention to fire escapes.

Video surveillance

As with visible alarm systems, just the presence of an obvious CCTV camera can act as a deterrent to potential intruders but the footage they provide can also later prove crucial in police investigations. In order for this footage to be successfully used by police, codes of practice are put in place for the use of surveillance cameras and should be followed to the letter.

In the unfortunate event that a burglary does take place, cameras can help investigators identify intruders and also provide clear evidence as to the point of entry, type of break in and time of crime.

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