LPS 1175 security ratings

The LPS 1175 test rates security measures according to two values:

  • The allowable toolset required to overcome a security measures
  • Minimum time at each security rating level to prevent forcible entry through a building element

The test is designed to measure the time it takes to make an access point big enough for a person to climb through (minimum of an elliptical shape 400mm x 225mm). It also looks at all the joints and fixings to the building environment as appropriate.

The tests are carried out by the Building Research establishment (BRE) – who have full knowledge of the product and its construction. Many initial trials are carried out to assess the best tools to use from the allowable toolset.

What are the different ratings?

  • SR1: Opportunist attack by bodily force using minimal tools (e.g. screwdriver, pliers, etc)
  • SR2: More determined opportunist attack with tools of a higher mechanical advantage (e.g. SR1 tools plus bolt cutters, drill, etc)
  • SR3: Deliberate forced entry of protected premises using bodily force and a selection of attack options (e.g. SR2 tools plus chisels, crowbar, gas torch, etc)
  • SR4: Experience attempts at forced entry with higher tool levels (e.g. SR3 tools plus sledgehammer, steel wedges, disc grinder, jigsaw, etc)
  • SR5: Serious attempts at forced entry with top end battery power tools used by fire and rescue teams (e.g. SR4 tools plus circular saw and the awesome 750W reciprocating saw with specialist blades)

What other advantages do higher LPS1175 security ratings confer?

In addition to lower insurance premiums, higher ratings mean better onsite security. Premises with an upgraded SR4 will offer more protection and commercial security compared to premises with SR2, for example.

Investing in increased security measures for business premises can help to physically secure staff, property and business equipment against theft, criminal damage and environmental damage.

UK Roller Shutters

As the UK’s leading supplier of roller shutters,  we provide businesses, warehouses, commercial and industrial premises throughout the country with increased security measures. Our roller shutters can be upgraded from SR1 to SR4 as required, guaranteeing businesses the insurance approval they need to receive lower insurance premiums from their insurance providers.

Our roller shutters come in a wide variety of types, styles and functions, to suit all premises. Many of our roller shutter can be upgraded to Secure By Design Status or LPS1175 Security ratings 1-4

To lower your fire insurance premium, consider installing our Fire Rated Security Shutter, supplied with either a 1, 2, or 4 hour fire rating. Our Fire Rated Security Shutters are tested to BS476 part 22: 1977, in compliance with the Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations.

Commercial property security is about much more than reinforcing business premises against attack. Install insurance approved roller shutters with LPS 1175 regulated security levels for lower insurance premiums and more cost effective business security.

To secure your commercial premises with LPS 1175 approved roller shutters, call UK Roller Shutters today on 01384 221743 or contact us here.