Take photos or videos of your boat and trailer from all angles. Then do the same for your boating equipment. Make a master list of all boating gear and include and the photographs with your other important household documents, preferably in a fireproof safe. Include PFDs, fishing gear, your outboard motor, and the make, model, and registration for your boat and electronic gear in your inventory.

Securely store your boat

When not on the water, where will you store your boat? If you don’t have a permanent boat slip, you’ll want keep your boat in a secured garage, a boat storage building, or a mini-storage warehouse. If you don’t have a storage facility, keep the boat and trailer parked out of sight as much as possible and keep the boat completely covered with a tarp.

If you do have a boathouse or garage for boat storage, protect your investment even further by installing roller shutter doors. Aluminum and steel doors are available in a range of styles and colours. All can help deter theft and vandalism. Some models are extra thick for added security, and others are rated for their fire resistance properties. And very importantly, roller shutter doors take up no more clearance to install than a regular garage door, so you won’t have difficulty getting your boat in and out of your space.

As an added security measure, if you park your boat in your garage or under a carport, park your vehicle behind it when you come home. You should also invest in a trailer hitch lock or a trailer that lets you remove the hitch when it’s not in use. If it will be awhile before you plan to use the boat again, consider removing one wheel from the trailer. Anything you can do to make stealing your property more difficult will discourage a potential thief.

Install an alarm for additional security

Adding an alarm system to your boat is a smart investment. These are not very expensive, but make sure to purchase one designed especially for boats, since moisture can damage circuits not designed for a marine environment. If your boat has a closed cabin you’ll also need to install a smoke alarm. This is extremely important if you ever plan to spend the night on your boat.

What if a crime occurs?

If you are the victim of boat theft or vandalism, you’ll need to report the crime to the local police and your insurance company. If the boat was in a marina, you’ll need to alert the marina manager as well. If it was stored in a boat storage or mini-storage facility, report the incident to that manager also.

If you’ve taken steps to identify, document, and film your property you’ve made recovery of the stolen goods easier and your information will aid in prosecution if a thief is captured. Following these suggestions will keep your boat from being an easy target and will help you enjoy boat ownership will minimal hassle and worry.

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