Specialist Shutters for Turkey

UK Roller Shutters serve shops and malls throughout Turkey with British-made Transparent Shutters and a wide range of high-performance Fire Shutters and Fire Curtains.

Deluxe Transparent Shutters designed for shop fronts

“Clear as glass, stronger than steel.”

We understand the need for shop owners to secure their businesses without detracting from the look and feel of their shops. Our custom Transparent Shutters have been designed to address this exact requirement, incorporating horizontal strips of transparent polycarbonate into made-to-measure shutters that are as clear as glass and stronger than steel. Security rated to SK3, this transparent material keeps your shop secure while allowing light to pass through, brightening shop interiors and enabling shoppers to browse at their convenience.

UK Roller Shutters will design your shutters according to your precise measurements, providing custom models for any building or opening. We also offer after-sales support, including motor maintenance and shutter repairs, so you can depend on your specialist shutters to perform for as long as you need them.

British-standard fire safety for businesses in Istanbul

Istanbul’s metropolitan economy is one of the fastest-growing in the world, with 12.6 million tourists visiting the city in 2015 alone. Fire security measures are essential to ensure tourists’ safety and Turkey’s reputation as a world-class destination. British-standard Fire Shutters can help businesses to achieve this.

We provide a range of high-performance Fire Shutters for establishments throughout Istanbul, from Sarayburnu’s mid-range shops to the high-end luxury hotels north of the Golden Horn. Our Twin Skin Fire Shutters couple exceptional radiant fire resistance according to the highest British standards with safety brakes, drive controls, and automatic descents to enable the safe and timely evacuation of guests and shoppers in the event of an fire.

For businesses where aesthetics are more important than physical security, we also offer Fire and Smoke Curtains. These unobtrusive designs, threaded from Kevlar and stainless steel, are stitched closely to contain smoke and can resist intense fire for up to 240 minutes – ideal for lobbies, foyers, and other entrance rooms.

Specialist protection for businesses throughout Turkey

We work with hoteliers, businesses, and other large enterprises throughout Turkey, helping them to secure business properties to the highest standards and keep hotel guests safe.

Our selection of specialist shutters, certified by some of Europe’s leading security bodies, will help to means you can improve the safety of your buildings according to your particular needs, expertly installed at your convenience by our team.

Tourists to Istanbul or Antalya expect to feel safe and comfortable. Satisfy your customers with bespoke, British-made security you can rely on.

Simply call our team on 01384 221743 or get in touch online and let us recommend a safe, secure specialist shutter solution for you.

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