Specialist shutters for Trinidad and Tobago

UK Roller Shutters provide local businesses and organisations throughout Trinidad and Tobago with specialist Hurricane Shutters and a wide range of British-standard Fire Shutters.

Be prepared with custom-made Hurricane Shutters

Hurricanes cause irreparable damage to businesses located in the Caribbean. In many instances, affected businesses never fully recover. Specialist Hurricane Shutters provide high-performance protection for business premises of all kinds, helping to secure valuable assets, mitigate wind damage, and reduce the overall impact of storms and hurricanes on your business.

Our purpose-built Hurricane Shutters are manufactured using a specialised design that can guarantee protection from winds up to 150mph. Every British-made shutter can be customised to your specifications, meaning we can secure any building type or opening. And our maintenance and repair service means you can keep your shutters in top condition.

Easy to operate and providing the highest level of wind resistance, Hurricane Shutters will keep your premises safe precisely when you need them the most.

British-standard fire safety for Trinidad and Tobago

Industries like petroleum and petrochemicals contribute heavily towards the nation’s status as one of the top 40 of the 70 high income countries in the world. Businesses in this area carry a higher than usual fire risk, making dependable fire safety paramount. Failure to do so can affect both production rates and profit margins, with costly impacts.

Our Twin Skin Fire Shutters are one of the most effective ways of securing an opening and compartmentalising it against a spreading fire. The unique construction of the twin-skin design dramatically reduces the reach of radiant heat, containing fire, smoke, and heat while facilitating safer evacuation plans.

The safety brakes and drive ration controls make operation of the shutters quick and effective – essential for high risk areas like warehouses and industrial plants. We can make these custom Fire Shutters in any size to suit the specific needs of your premises.

Specialist shutter protection, tailor-made for Trinidad and Tobago

We work with local businesses and large organisations throughout Trinidad and Tobago, helping them to protect their premises against unauthorised entry, criminal damage, and other security risks.

Our selection of specialist shutters, certified by some of Europe’s leading security bodies, enables us to improve the safety of your buildings according to your exact needs, installed at your convenience by our dedicated team.

Whether reducing your fire risk or helping to secure your premises in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane, our specialist shutters provide a simple and effective solution to your security responsibilities.

Simply call our team on 01384 221743 or get in touch online and let us recommend a secure specialist shutter solution for you.

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