Specialist Shutters for Sudan

UK Roller Shutters provide shops, malls, and businesses throughout Sudan with certified Blast-Proof Shutters, specialist Dual Fly Screen Shutters, and a range of British-standard Fire Shutters.

Stay protected with British-made Blast-Proof Shutters

Terrorist attacks across Sudan have costly consequences for both physical assets and human life. Custom-made Blast-Proof / Bullet-Proof / RPG-Resistant Shutters provide the solution, improving the safety of staff and shoppers against gunfire, grenade explosions, and RPGs. We can custom-design every specialist shutter to your specific requirements, enabling us to secure any building type or opening. Tested by some of Europe’s leading security bodies, these specialist shutters help to protect business premises and human life against the risk of bombings.

Every shutter is triple-certified according to British standards and we offer ongoing maintenance and repair services, so your Blast-Proof Shutters continue to keep your premises as safe as possible.

Protect your shop with British-standard Fire Shutters

The Afra Mall in Arkaweet, Khartoum, is newly renovated after a fire destroyed much of it. The incident, which saw retail outlets, coffee shops, a supermarket and more damaged, highlights to us the importance of fire shutters for local businesses throughout Sudan.

Our Twin Skin Fire Shutters’ specialist design provides incredible radiant heat protection unmatched by standard fire shutter models. A drive control and safety brakes makes them easy to operate, while their interface panel gives you the option to set them up for automatic descent in the event of a fire. This makes them much safer, giving more time for staff and shoppers to safely evacuate.

Keep out mosquitoes with specialist fly screen protection

The Zika virus is an ongoing health risk throughout Sudan. Spread by mosquitos active during the day, the virus currently has no known cure, making prevention vitally important. Stay safe from insect bites and the spread of disease with specialist Dual Fly Screen Shutters, specifically designed to restrict flies from your premises.

Our Dual Fly Screen Shutters can be expertly installed at your convenience by our dedicated team, so you know they are set up properly according to the highest British standards. The dual screen design also increases each shutter’s’ ability to deter mosquitoes and other airborne insects without compromising the security of the shutter itself.

Simply call our team on 01384 221743 or get in touch online and let us recommend a secure specialist shutter solution for you.

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