Whether you use your garage to store your car, have created your personal home gym, use the garage as a garden equipment store, we’re pretty sure that if you have a garage, the contents inside are pretty valuable.

Whether your garage contains gym equipment, cars, bikes, musical instruments, tools or old TVs you no longer use – they’re all valuable assets that need protection from being targeted by theft.

That’s why you need a roller shutter or sectional overhead door to protect your assets from break-ins and theft. We’ve put together a list of roller shutters we supply here at UK Roller Shutters to locations anywhere around the UK, so you’ll be able to narrow down the choices depending on your needs, as well as what you store or do in your garage.


This aluminium roller shutter provides insulation, which is ideal for homes and families that want to save on energy bills, keep the warmth in their home in winter months and keep their home cool in summer. It also offers medium to high security.

The model of this insulated aluminium roller shutter comes in a range of 18 standard colours and 4 wood laminate finishes for an extra charge. This is one of our most popular garage doors for homes as it is aesthetically pleasing and fits perfectly into the style of most buildings due to the range of colours on offer.

You can find more information about this product [here]


This shutter is often used on homes and other residential buildings where insulation and security are primary concerns. This model is available in 18 standard colours and has a wood laminate finish option available, to view the selection of colours click [here]This insulated aluminium shutter is perfect for garage doors as it offers medium-high security and is motor operated with a selection of controls from remote control, smart phone and key switch – depending on size of shutter needed allowing for ease of use.

You can find more information about this product [here]


This upgrade of the ALU-1237 allows for shutters to achieve a higher security rating which offers protection against opportunist attack by bodily force using minimal tools such as screwdrivers, knifes and pliers. Be sure to protect your family and belongings with this roll up garage door.

For more information on this security upgrade, download our accreditation guide here. You can find more about this product here


Perfect for homes where security is the main concern, this roller shutter is perfect for garages due to its extruded profile giving it greater strength and stability with the option to upgrade to achieve a higher, police accredited security rating.

This security rated aluminium roller shutter has a very aesthetically pleasing design which is perfect for garage doors on homes and comes in white or brown as standard with the option to upgrade to powder coating in a number of colours. Alternatively, you could paint it yourself using garage door paint. Interested in a security upgrade? See the next recommended product!

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Perfect for homes that have large openings that need covering. This shutter comes in 7 standard colours, White, Brown, Cream, Fir Green, Grey, Silver and Black and these are perfect for both garage openings and windows.

This model offers medium to high security with lightweight installation and small head-box ensuring maximum space and is lighter than a steel shutter meaning less energy is needed to open them.

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If you’re planning on ordering from us but are unsure about how you’re going to install the garage door to your home, we also offer roller shutter installation services.

Our servicing and maintenance contracts are also available on garage doors for homes, these enable you to ensure that your roller shutter is kept in perfect condition, providing your shutter with longer service life and peace of mind that you roller shutter is operating within health and safety legislations.

Our roller shutter repair services are also available and we even have a 24 hour emergency call out repairs option for any urgent repairs that may need to be carried out on your garage door at home.

With this selection of roller shutters that are perfect for garage doors, we’re sure you’ll find the right one for your home, however if you need more help choosing which shutter you can visit our product finder or contact us.

For any questions about the products mentioned or anything else roller shutter related, please feel free to drop us an email [email protected] or give us a buzz on +44 (0) 1384 221743.